You may be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate for psychology services through an Australian Government initiative known as a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). This enables you to substantially reduce your out of pocket cost per session for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. To ascertain eligibility for a MHCP, you will need to see your GP or Psychiatrist, who will assess your suitability and if appropriate, provide you with a referral to a psychologist. However, a referralal from your health provider is not essential for you to access psychological services at Sympatico.

The number of appointments you may require varies based on individual factors. Consequently, a collaborative and honest approach to treatment means that you decide on which goals you consider the most helpful to address. At Sympatico we aim to accommodate your needs and goals – not the other way around and evening appointments are available.

The fee is currently $140 per 50 – 60 minute session. Fees can be negotiated under special circumstances. Medicare will rebate $84.80 per session so the net out of pocket expense is $55.20 per session. To ensure maximum convenience Medicare rebates can be processed at Sympatico on the spot after you have paid the full amount immediately following your session. Alternatively, if you have extras cover with private health insurance, rebates may apply for psychological services. It is advisable to check directly with your private health insurer to clarify eligibility and to process the applicable rebate amount.

Please do not hesitate to call Sympatico if you have any further queries or wish to book an appointment on: 0407 541 141